What is a dental injury?

Under adverse conditions, teeth can be damaged. The damage may be due to the fact that the teeth are struck by an object, or the jaws are brought together with great force such as in case of traffic accident, fights or falls. Tooth injuries can be of the following character:

  • Prone tooth
  • Worn tooth or tooth whipped up.
  • Loose tooth.
  • Tooth cracked or broken.Depending on the dental injury, there are different working methods and treatments. Either way, you should contact a dentist and inform about the dental injury so that you know what to do next. Often, dental injuries are also reported to your insurance company as dental damage can cause problems in the permanent dental set and thus create additional costs. This also applies to damage to milk teeth.A great article on the effects of dental injury can be found on website in Oslo.

How positive the result is due to the dental injury and when treatment begins.