Welcome to Shining Smiles!

Our reception has a breadth and ambition that makes us quite unique. In addition to “traditional dental care” we offer aesthetic dental care, implants, bleaching and jewelry as well as dental care for athletes.

Our overall goal is to offer you as a customer a high standard of dental care and to make you feel safe and taken care of.

In order to succeed, we are protecting an open environment to create well-being for you as a patient, but also for us who work at the reception.

For us it is also a matter of course to use the best possible equipment and materials, and we therefore try to be at the forefront of technical equipment. Technology in all honesty, we also try to be at the forefront of knowledge, handling and communication.

We are constantly working on furthering and strengthening our teams, both internally as well as external courses and seminars. That we at the reception are happy with what we do hope we will also notice in our dealings.

A dentist’s visit should not cost the shirt we consider and we keep our costs down by constantly continuing training and using modern technology. We also believe that as a patient you should know what treatment is expected to cost before it begins – therefore we always work with written cost proposals.

With us, you can pay in cash or by credit card.

You can reach us on 955-6688-2245 or send us an email.