Question: my implants has broken – what should i do?

Hey! I have received 2 dental implants on each side of the upper jaw for a year. A very extensive and time-consuming treatment where they cleaned the residue after 4 teeth (2 on each side). Operated a new leg for future titans to be secured and after 4 new kronor? which was screwed according to all the rules of the art and filled again. After years of pain and misery, I am happy to leave the dentist in Gothenburg with a working dental set in the spring of 2013.
Last night, during a lighter meal, one of the implants was loosened, and with my layman’s eyes it seems that the two screws that hold the implant have gone off as the gums mean that the threads of each screw are still stuck in the dental bone.
I have of course handled my implants following the previews and advice I received after surgery and did not use my teeth in any unnatural way.
When I look for the fastest online after guarantees for these things, it’s only 2 years from the day the screws were fixed. Is this correct? is my first question. After a treatment that took less than 2 years and cost me over $ 7,000, I feel questioned about the relatively short warranty period. Can not you ask for a leg treatment like me to last longer?
When looking at the crown itself, it is in a state of the art as new and without traces of remodeling.
In addition to the above questions, I wonder what I have for the opportunity to advertise my treatment? Do I stand as an individual completely without the possibility of free claim for this? In short, I kindly ask for advice on how to proceed with this case?
Have had a time with another dentist at the dentist about a day to investigate it all.
Thanks in advance for feedback about my unexpected and unpleasant problems.

It is unusual for the implant screw to go off. Probably the fastening screw has threaded up and the crown is therefore loosened. You get the correct message at the check you booked. Keep track of all parts until then. If something happened to the screw itself, the manufacturer has a warranty. On the crowns there is a two-year guarantee calculated from the final date / date of cementing. If there are different dentists who operated or made the crown then they should have an agreement on the distribution of the guarantee commitment.